The Shocking Truth About Celebrity Workouts

The shocking truth about celebrity workouts

                                      Let me kick this off by saying that I believe that if you stick to any credible, tested, trusted diet and… Continue Reading

8 Lower Body Exercises You NEED to be Doing


I want to kick this off by saying that if you could train only 1 region of your body, make it the lower half. How many times have you heard from your parents, grandparents, teachers, and elders about their achy… Continue Reading

My top 7 Push up Variations

my top 7 push up variations

If you think that you are way beyond utilizing putting push ups in your workout routine, I hope that you reconsider. Just like a bench press, back squat, barbell row, and shoulder press have a place in your workout program,… Continue Reading

Hydration 101: The Truth About Sports Drinks and Weight Loss

                        Sports drinks are something that have been marketed and advertised as the perfect workout recovery drinks, but what are they doing for your weight loss goals? What are… Continue Reading