The Shocking Truth About Celebrity Workouts


The shocking truth about celebrity workouts



















Let me kick this off by saying that I believe that if you stick to any credible, tested, trusted diet and exercise program, you are probably going to see visible results. That means no slacking, no slip-ups, and no cutting corners. The reason that most people complain that they aren’t getting results on popular, trendy, and celebrity fitness programs is that they AREN’T following protocols to a T.

Before we get started, here are some things that you need to know about celebrity diet and exercise programs.

  • They have access to the best doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, and trainers (debatable) in the business. Which means tons of accountability to stick to their program.
  • They have HUGE budgets, flexible schedules, and are essentially getting paid to eat well and workout. Pretty cool, right?
  • Most of them are already in really in shape and pretty well built. In case you couldn’t already tell. 
  • Above All: The workouts and “tricks” they use aren’t that edgy, new-age, or revolutionary. In fact, they probably aren’t training that much differently than you are.

The Celebrity Bodies We Admire

If I asked you “which celebrity physique do you envy the most?” Most of you could come up with a list of a few celebrities and the EXACT movie they were in which they looked the best.

Here are some of the man-crushes that the guys have. Who they wish they could look like. 

  • Bradley Cooper- American Sniper
  • Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr.- The Avengers
  • Chris Pratt- Guardians of the Galaxy, Zero Dark Thirty
  • Mark Wahlberg- Pain and Gain
  • Hugh Jackman- The Wolverine
  • Dwayne Johnson- The Fast and Furious Franchise

And for the girls

  • Jennifer Lopez- (Vocalist)
  • Pink- (Musician/Vocalist)
  • Cameron Diaz- Actress
  • Kate Hudson- Actress, Founder of Fabletics
  • Jennifer Aniston- Anything she’s been in since Rachel Greene of Friends. Seriously, how great can you look Jen?!

So can we actually, successfully replicate the results of our favorite celebrities?

Celebrity Resources

We know that celebrities have a ton of money and an exorbitant amount of connections. That means that they are going to have access to the best trainers, doctors, and dietary experts. That’s not even including the personal chefs that they have on staff that make every meal that they need, which are perfectly balanced for meeting their goals.

A word of warning to you though: just because a person calls themselves a “celebrity trainer” doesn’t mean that they have some deep understanding of fitness that is revolutionary or mind-blowing. Most of them have the same certifications as the men and women who work in Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness, they probably just fell into training celebrities because they knew the right people.

Celebrities Have Massive Budgets for their Health

So if you take just a few of the expenses listed above, you can get idea of how much celebrities are spending on their health and their looks.

  • Personal Chef: $50-$75 per hour
  • Personal trainer: $100-$500 per hour (4-6 sessions per week)
  • Supplements: $100-$300 per month
  • High end gym membership: $200-$300 per month

Just a drop in the bucket for them which could be a much larger drop for you and I. 

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Most All Celebrities are Already In Great Shape

Recognizing that celebrities are already really active, motivated, and in great shape is something that we should not overlook. Sure, they may have more time to go to the gym during the day when they aren’t working on a new film or show, but they also eat a lot better than we do because their next job can hinge on how good of shape they’re in.

Most of the celebrities that we went through work their asses off to stay in good shape. They may have a lot more money and better resources than you do, but they are also much more committed than the average Joe or Jane.

*Take Chris Pratt for Example. Back when he was on Parks and Recreation he looked like the big, somewhat out of shape teddy bear. Then, when it came time for him to get in shape for movies like Zero Dark Thirty and Guardians of the Galaxy he completely transformed himself from soft to shredded. Until then, most of his fans had no idea that he was ranked in the top 5 wrestler in the state of Washington, during high school.

Celebrity Workouts Are NOT Any Better than Yours

Here is another thing that may shock you in this post: celebrities aren’t ripped because they are having crazy, intense, revolutionary, primal workouts that no one else is doing. They are ripped because their diets are spot on.

*Your diet is going to dictate 80%-90% of your body composition.

In fact, most of them have pretty traditional training programs that incorporate many training methods that you may have heard of. They use compound movements like squats, dead lifts, rows, pull-ups, and chest presses along with some isolation exercises (for show), explosive exercises, and metabolic conditioning to stay lean.

Sound familiar? Probably because these are the same moves you see in every Men’s Health and Muscle and Fitness article you read!

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What Celebrities Are Doing in the Gym

I was actually just taking a look at Mark Wahlberg’s training program and results from his movie Pain and Gain that hit theaters in 2013. Mark packed on about 30 pounds of muscle for this role, jumping up from 180-185 to a whopping 212.

Here are some of the things that he was doing in the gym.

  • Warmup: Foam rolling and dynamic stretching
  • Pre-hab: Scapular prehab and hip mobility
  • Workouts: combination of circuits and isolation training that were composed of…
    • Dead lift
    • Bench Press
    • Dumbbell Lunges
    • Squats
    • Clean pull
    • Hang Snatch
    • Push Press
    • Farmer’s Carries
    • Bicep curls
    • Tricep pull-downs

As you can see, Mark’s workouts used the staple major muscle group exercises along with some explosive exercises and complexes to get his heart rate up and keep his body fat low.

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Why Your Results are Different From Celebrities

There are many of you who have potentially already tried a celebrity workout program for a few weeks, months, or have even made through a year of it.

Did you get to the end and look better, but not exactly like your celebrity?

The main reason that celebrity results are going different than yours is that…

  1. They have different genetics than you do. Their bone structure, muscle bellies, hormones, insulin sensitivity, and heritage are different from ours. Don’t beat yourself up about your genetics. If I know one thing from being overweight for half of my life, work your butt off to be the best YOU! Not the best J. Lo. or Dwayne Johnson.
  2. Consistency. Your favorite celebs may shell out some major bucks to stay in shape, but they also get paid tons of money to stay in pristine shape and optimal health, year round. You may fall in and out of health fads and kicks, but these guys and girls stay on it 365 days a year.
  3. Accountability. Our favorite, fit celebrities have teams of people at their support, beck, and call to keep them accountable to their diets, programs, and workout schedule.

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Takeaways and What You can Do Better

You may not have the resources, piles of money, and professional accountability that your favorite celebrities have, but there are some lessons you can learn from them so that you can get better results, lose body fat, and build some quality muscle.

  • Clean up your diet. I cannot stress enough that your diet is going to either make or break your results. If you don’t have discipline in the kitchen, don’t expect to see results like Chris Hemsworth and Pratt. If you want to get shredded just lose the sugar, cut down on the simple carbs, and load up on lean proteins, vegetables, legumes, and other slow burning foods.
  • Train Hard and Be Consistent. Pick a program and stick to it! So many people get caught up in exercise ADHD, jumping from one  4-6 week training program to another. Find a solid workout program that you like and fits your schedule.  Test it for a MINIMUM of 3 months (I would recommend 5 or 6) and see where you are at with your goals.

This can include any celebrity program that you may want to try. Why not! You like them already, so go ahead and give it a shot. 

In fact, here are a few of the more recent celebrity workout programs that you may want to take a look at for some ideas.




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