There’s a picture of me (to the left) sitting behind a drumset smiling. Yep! That was me. 

I used to be 40 pounds overweight, severely bullied, and completely miserable with myself. I hit an all time low when I was really overweight, and then hospitalized with pneumonia over Christmas one year. When I got out, I decided it was time to make a change. 

I cut my portions back necessarily, I started playing sports with my friends, and I started educating myself little by little on what a solid eating plan looked like. You know how hard that is when your parents own cookie stores for a living?! I was eating cookies all the time before, and that was one of the reasons I got to be so overweight and unhappy. 

After about 18 months I managed to lose almost 50 pounds, and then I put on a little muscle mass too when I started swimming and working out. I became healthier, happier, stronger, leaner, more confident, and gained a whole new appreciation for my life and the people in it. Since then, I’ve been been experimenting with the best eating programs, foods, exercises, and workouts to optimize everything from fat loss to muscle mass gain. 

I knew what a profound impact that weight loss had on my life, so after I graduated college I got my personal training certification. I wanted to use my story and knowledge to help my friends change their lives too. 

After I had my first clients Paul and Sarah, I knew I had found my calling. Paul wanted to gain muscle mass to build some confidence, and Sarah wanted to lose some weight. I helped Paul, a really lean and skinny guy who could eat anything in any amount and wouldn’t gain weight (talk about the best problem of all time, right?), gain 21 pounds of lean mass in 4 months! When he told me he was starting to get compliments from friends and family members I almost teared up. I was so proud and excited for him! 

Sarah was the other way. Sarah wanted to lose a lot of weight, and I wanted to help her out. We worked out together for months and Sarah was able to lose some serious weight. Even after months after we stopped working out together, Sarah kept up with it. She called me and told me one day how much weight she lost (almost 40 pounds in a year!) and that I was one of the main reasons she got started and was able to keep going, I did start crying this time. 

Since then, Sarah and Paul have been transformed. I’ll take some credit for working with them ;), but the reality is that because of their dedication to becoming healthier people, they completely changed their lives! 

I want to help you reach your goal too so you can know the power of that positive change. I started this online boot camp so that I could workout with everyone that I love, new friends, family, and complete strangers so that I can help you get healthy, stay healthy, and transform your life. 

Staying healthy, lean, strong, and happy are all great, but this lifestyle means so much more to me. It will mean more for you to. Living a healthy lifestyle has given me and so many others amazing personal strengths and has allowed me to grow as a person. It gives you discipline, perseverance, a deeper appreciation for living, it builds community, encourages, and gives you a joy and happiness that you may have never had before. No joke or exaggeration! 



This is me now! Goofing around with some boxing gloves. I know nothing about boxing, but thought this was too funny to pass up. 

I can’t wait to start this journey with you. I’m here for you, and I want to help you in any way possible. See you online! 

Jack W.

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