5 Steps to Build the Perfect Fat Loss Diet

5 steps to build the perfect fat loss diet

You can workout as hard and as often as you want, but unless you just have really great genetics that lend your body to lightning fast resting metabolism and a high tolerance to carbohydrates, it is going to be virtually… Continue Reading

5 Straightforward Steps to Serious Fat Loss

5 straightforward steps to serious fat loss

Fat loss and body recomposition are largely matters of what and when you are eating. Once you get that part down, it’s that last 10-20% of mastering yourself so that you can get down to your ideal body fat percentage… Continue Reading

3 Easy Ways to Reprogram Your Metabolism

reprogram your metabolism

It may seem that since your glory days in college and high school, that your metabolism has been slow or unforgiving, at best. What changed? Is this just part of getting older? Is there any way to get back into… Continue Reading

8 No-Excuse Methods For Losing Weight

8 No-Excuse Methods for Losing Weight Here’s the thing, most of you know how to lose weight and lose body fat. You just choose not to do it. Whether the principles of weight loss and being healthier are innate within… Continue Reading

The 10 WORST Exercises for Weight Loss

10 worst exercises for weight loss

What you need to know: Not all movement is good movement when it comes to weight loss. In fact, there are probably more terrible exercises than good ones when it comes to losing weight and building muscle. When it comes… Continue Reading

7 Simple Weight Loss Habits You Can Start Now

7 simple weight loss habits

Detox, cleanse, 21 day weight loss challenge, fasting, low-carb, carb-cycle, low-fat, high-fat, less protein, and more protein have all become words and phrases that are commonly thrown around the household. We mostly have Pinterest to thank for that. Not all… Continue Reading

Do Morning Workouts Burn More Fat?

morning workouts

What you need to know about morning workouts: If you are trying to lose belly fat, one of the best ways to start your day is with a morning workout. It may be painful to jump out of bed just to… Continue Reading

The Best and Worst Alcohol for Weight Loss

The best and worst alcohol for weight loss

What you need to know: Alcohol is definitely not doing you any favors when it comes to weight loss, but there are drinks that are worse and better for you if you are trying to lose weight, while imbibing. If there are… Continue Reading

6 Unique Ways to Lose Fat During Winter

6 ways to lose fat during winter

What you need to know: Cold exposure is perfect if your goal is to lose fat. When it’s cold outside, your body needs to work harder to keep your core temperature at its equilibrium of 98.6 degrees. That work is done… Continue Reading

Holiday Workouts: 3 Workouts that Melt Body Fat

*What you need to know: You can still melt body fat and avoid weight gain this season by using time-saving, high-intensity, body weight exercises with these 3 holiday workouts. One thing I know about the holidays is that time is… Continue Reading