5 Intense Leg Exercises that Torch Fat

5 intense leg exercises that torch fat

Leg exercises are absolutely critical if you are trying to lose body fat and lose weight. Guys- You are kidding yourselves if you think that running and cycling is enough to strengthen your legs. Here’s what you need to know. The… Continue Reading

8 Cardio Workouts that are Better than Running

8 cardio workouts that are better than running

8 Cardio Workouts that are Better than Running What you need to know: Most people turn to running for cardiovascular exercise when they want to lose weight or need a workout. Also, most people HATE running. There are tons of… Continue Reading

8 Lower Body Exercises You NEED to be Doing

I want to kick this off by saying that if you could train only 1 region of your body, make it the lower half. How many times have you heard from your parents, grandparents, teachers, and elders about their achy… Continue Reading

The Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat

The Truth about Belly Fat: The fastest way to lose belly fat probably isn’t the solution that you think it is. You don’t need do 10+ hours of gym in the week and be able to hold a plank for 15… Continue Reading