5 Straightforward Steps to Serious Fat Loss

5 straightforward steps to serious fat loss

Fat loss and body recomposition are largely matters of what and when you are eating. Once you get that part down, it’s that last 10-20% of mastering yourself so that you can get down to your ideal body fat percentage… Continue Reading

The 10 WORST Exercises for Weight Loss

10 worst exercises for weight loss

What you need to know: Not all movement is good movement when it comes to weight loss. In fact, there are probably more terrible exercises than good ones when it comes to losing weight and building muscle. When it comes… Continue Reading

How to Use Weightlifting to Melt Fat

weightlifting to melt fat

What you need to know: Weightlifting to lose fat is one of the most valuable pieces of assets that you can have in your fitness repertoire. For YEARS people have gone to cardiovascular exercise when they needed to lose weight, but… Continue Reading

Strength Training for Runners

strength training for runners

What you need to know: Strength training for runners is essential if you want to prevent injury and increase your performance for running. Running is a great cardiovascular exercise, but anyone who has told you that running is enough to make your… Continue Reading

Holiday Workouts: 3 Workouts that Melt Body Fat

*What you need to know: You can still melt body fat and avoid weight gain this season by using time-saving, high-intensity, body weight exercises with these 3 holiday workouts. One thing I know about the holidays is that time is… Continue Reading

The Shocking Truth About Celebrity Workouts

                                      Let me kick this off by saying that I believe that if you stick to any credible, tested, trusted diet and… Continue Reading

8 Lower Body Exercises You NEED to be Doing

I want to kick this off by saying that if you could train only 1 region of your body, make it the lower half. How many times have you heard from your parents, grandparents, teachers, and elders about their achy… Continue Reading