6 Ways to Build Muscle Over the Holidays

Since it is that time of year again that we are going to be celebrating Christ-Mass and Bulks-Giving, I thought that I should take a post to cover some of the best ways that you can build mass on a… Continue Reading

4 Weight Training Secrets that Accelerate Fat Loss

4 weight training secrets that accelerate fat loss

It is actually kind of funny when I hear people tell me that they are only listing on high-rep, low weight training programs because they want to tone. They are scared of getting big, bulky muscles while they are cutting… Continue Reading

Holiday Workouts: 3 Workouts that Melt Body Fat

*What you need to know: You can still melt body fat and avoid weight gain this season by using time-saving, high-intensity, body weight exercises with these 3 holiday workouts. One thing I know about the holidays is that time is… Continue Reading